Cargo sailboat heads to Brooklyn with cargo of mushroom logs – arrives July 30



the Schooner Apollonia, a sailboat that sustainably transports goods on the Hudson River using wind power, returns to Red Hook, Brooklyn on July 30.
Learn more about the unique mushroom growing partnership – which includes a variety of organizations including Red Hook Farms and Red Hook’s RETI Center – available here.
Individuals can pre-order a mushroom log grow kit here for delivery of cargo by sail to Brooklyn. A demonstration with Steve Gabriel of the Cornell Small Farms program on how to grow shiitake mushrooms using the kit will take place at the Cool School Barge at the RETI Center in the early evening of July 30. The Apollonia docked with the barge courtesy of Gowanus Bay Terminal (GBX).
Orders for grow kits and other sailing freight items from the Hudson Valley including cider, honey, hot sauce, maple syrup, yarn, condiments and must be placed before the end of the day on July 20 before the ship loads any cargo in the upstate for its voyage. This July race is the second of five trips planned for 2021.


At RETI Center Blue City Barge – at Gowanus Bay Terminal (GBX), Red Hook.

Morning – 10 a.m. – 11 a.m. – unloading of over 10,000 pounds of red oak logs for growing shiitake mushrooms – will be delivered via an electric cargo bike and trailer (solar powered) from the ship to Red Hook Farms in collaboration with the Cornell Small Farms program.

Afternoon – the ship’s crew goes out with the electric bicycle and the trailer to pick up the cargoes bound for the upstream ports:

  • Bulk Coffee from Gotham Roasters at Red Hook (bound for Half Moon Rondout Cafe in Kingston)
  • Individual coffee from Stone Street Coffee in Gowanus (upstream)
  • Tea boxes from Mirror Tea House in Gowanus (to various upstream ports)

Late afternoon – ship’s crew available if people want to stop to pick up pre-ordered sailing freight merchandise from upstream producers (honey, hot sauce, cider, maple syrup, rolling papers, soap, etc.)

***MAIN EVENT: 5-7 p.m. Gulet Apollonia Shindig hosted by Barge RETI Center Ville Bleue courtesy of Gowanus Bay Terminal (GBX)

  • Individual pre-order sailing cargo orders for in-person barge pickup
  • Upstream Producers General Sail Freight Goods For Sale
  • Demonstration of mushroom cultivation, Cornell Small Farms Team – 5.15 p.m.-5.45 p.m.
  • Favorite Red Hook Music Jackson lynch – 6 pm-7pm
  • Sandwiches for sale by Court Street grocery stores
  • Beer made with sail freight malt and shipped downstream by sail freight from Hudson Valley Brewery in beacon
  • Specialized postcards from Squid bath to send to friends via SAIL MAIL in upstream ports along the Hudson

This event was brought to you by:

Gowanus Bay Terminal and Brooklyn Equine.



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