Candela’s hydrofoil is the world’s first electric speedboat



Candela is a Swedish-based start-up with a mission to transform the global shipping industry from electric power. Today, the company announced its new hydrofoil boat, the Candela Seven, as the world’s first fully electric outboard.

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According to Candela, the biggest obstacle preventing the electric marine craft industry from reaching its full potential is the gap between speed and range. Electric vehicles on the water usually have one speed or one range, but not both, because planing motor boat hulls require enormous amounts of energy to go fast. A standard 25 foot boat, for example, needs 15 times the amount of power of a standard car. Building an electric boat that can run as efficiently as a fossil fuel-powered boat with contemporary batteries is the biggest challenge.

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In order to reduce the friction of the water, Candela uses hydrofoils submerged under the surface of the water. These wings provide sufficient lift at 17 knots to completely lift the boat’s hull out of the water, reducing power consumption by up to 80%. The result is an extremely long all-electric range at high speeds, up to 50 nautical miles or 92 kilometers, on a single charge. Speeds go up to 20 knots, and the range is three times more efficient than the best electric boats currently on the market.

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In addition to range and speed, these hydrofoils also offer a smoother ride thanks to their ability to move above the wake and choppy water. Rather than feeling the boat bounce on the water as it moves, the occupants of the hydrofoil can glide effortlessly across the water as the hydrofoils lift the vessel over rough waters. According to the company, a series of on-board computers and sensors went into the design of the Candela Seven. In order to monitor the stability of the boat, these sensors continuously measure the height and adjust the foils to automatically maintain pitch, roll and height.

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