Brothers set the record for crossing the 4 Turkish seas by sailboat


Brothers and fellow deep-sea sailors Tolga and Atilla Gökova on Tuesday set a new Turkish record for crossing the four seas surrounding the country.

The Gökovas used an unpowered boat (sailboat) to complete their 1,700 kilometer tour in 13 days and 15 hours.

The route took them from Hopa in the Artvin of northeast Turkey to Iskenderun in the province of Hatay in the southeast.

Traveling west across the Black Sea, they reached the Sea of ​​Marmara, which then took them south towards the Aegean Sea before driving the duo east over the Mediterranean.

The sailors were welcomed to Iskenderun by District Governor Iskender Yönden, Mayor Fatih Tosyalı and Turkcell Deputy General Manager for Marketing Alper Ergenekon.

After completing the trip, Atilla Gökova said she chose to set the motorless sailing record to raise awareness about climate change and a low-carbon lifestyle.

“It’s been a tough journey, but I hope we inspire others to try and break this record,” Gökova said.

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