Australia’s Newest Sailboat – The Reverso Project


Australia’s Newest Sailboat – The Reverso Project

by Sail Reverso Aug 1 10:37 PM PDT

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The sailboat of the future is now available in Australia. And it folds up in the back of your car!

Folding and nesting dinghies are not a new concept, but those designed and built with exceptional performance and high-tech construction are. This is where the Reverso Air comes into play.

The Reverso Air is “the fastest small portable sailboat in the world”. The unique hull shape of the Reverso (3.35 m (11 ft LOA) and 1.22 m (4 ft wide) is broken down into four sections, the largest weighing only 16.8 kg and the total weight of the hull of 55 kg.

When you’re done cruising and ready to put it away, the interlocking hull sections of the Reverso fit into a space measuring just 75cm by 91cm by 140cm. Designed and built in France’s birthplace of sailing, Brittany, the boats are made from vacuum-infused fiberglass with a foam core, and the mast is carbon fiber, with a 7-gauge black membrane sail. m2 (75 sq ft), weighing less than 3 kg (including the mast), making it an extremely light sailboat. The Reverso Air has a load capacity of 160 kg, which means you can easily accommodate a combination of two adults, or an adult and a couple of children, or several children or teenagers.

The founder of the Reverso, Antoine Simon, was looking for a way to have a sailboat in his life when he had the idea of ​​a light and transportable version. “As an avid sailor, this is the boat I wanted as an end user. It’s an efficient, sporty but super light, portable, easy to set up and take down dinghy,” Simon told Sillages- Communication.

Simplicity, ease of use and storage capacity are three of the Reverso’s amazing features. This dinghy can be taken apart into four pieces that will fit in the trunk of a car, it can be assembled and disassembled in 3 minutes and there are minimal ropes and rigging to have you sailing in no time.

“It’s a boat that was designed to last,” explains Simon. “It can be stored indoors in very good conditions. It’s a boat for several generations.” The Reverso Air is also a boat that allows you to focus on the fun side of owning a boat instead of dealing with all the hassle other owners have to put up with.

Discover what the future of sailing looks like and join owners in over 26 countries around the world.

The Reverso Air is now available in Australia.

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