Arizona research sailboat begins multi-year voyage around the world


A sailboat ready to travel the world finally takes to sea.

The Argo sailboat is 30,000 pounds and 59 feet long. Its owner, Douglas Thorpe, resident of Mesa, is passionate about sailing the seas and saving the environment.

“Years ago I was fascinated like all boys growing up and lived on a sailboat for many years,” Thorpe said. “I wanted to share the experience with my son and grandson, and I also realize that conservation needs to be more educational in scope.”

Thorpe is now teaming up with SCITECH, a nonprofit organization promoting STEM in Arizona, to provide education through Argo’s journey around the world.

The ship is made from salvaged materials and took a little while to make.

“Lots of recycled material,” said Kevin McCorkle, captain of the Argo. “Everything is done by hand with the help of volunteers and many hours of work. More than 3000 working hours.

On June 14, he will leave his court and head for the sea.

“Today we are going to LA,” said the captain. “It’s a roughly 400 mile trip, and we’re launching it for the first time in 40 years.”

McCorkle said it would take between 3 and 5 years to travel around the world.

Follow his journey:

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