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83-year-old Japanese ocean adventurer Kenichi Horie has successfully sailed from San Francisco in the United States to Japan on a solo, non-stop voyage, apparently becoming the oldest person to successfully cross the Peaceful that way.

His two-month voyage aboard his 6-metre (20ft) yacht Suntory Mermaid III came to an end when he arrived in the Kii Strait off western Japan early Saturday morning. He covered some 8,500 kilometers (5,282 miles) during the trip.

Horie said he felt exhausted shortly before his arrival

A lifetime of ocean adventure

Horie made the crossing the other way in 1962, when he was 23, setting a record as the world’s first and youngest person to sail alone across what is the world’s largest ocean and deep in the Earth.

This trip brought him some notoriety, as he made the crossing without a passport, meaning he entered the United States illegally.

In April, while still at sea, he wrote on his blog that during his 1962 voyage he “was constantly anxious” and feared being caught.

“But this time it’s different, I’ve been sent by many people and I have their support through tracking systems and wireless radio. I couldn’t be more grateful,” he said. he said about his trip this year.

 Horie's boat off Wakayama Prefecture

Horie said he had to fight the ocean current for the last three days of his trip

Despite the assists, he wrote on Friday that he was exhausted after battling an opposing current for three days.

Horie is also known to have circumnavigated the globe solo in 1974 and traveled the world longitudinally between 1978 and 1982.

The latest expedition was the first he had undertaken since 2008, when he sailed from Honolulu to Kii Strait on a 31-foot wave-powered boat.

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