ABBA’s New Album “Voyage” Set to Dominate Global Charts


Who would have imagined that in the 2020s, we would be faced with “ABBA-mania” again!

40 years after the separation of the group, the Swedish artists winners of Eurovision 1974, ABBA, are back with ‘Voyage’, their ninth studio album.

It didn’t take long for ABBA’s new album to make an impact online.

Voyage” managed to knock Ed Sheeran’s new version “=” down from No. 1 on the iTunes World Album Chart, where it still remains at No. 1. The album also reached the top of the Album Chart iTunes in over 50 countries. .

Impressively, the Swedish band has also had a huge impact on the Spotify streaming charts.

On Spotify, songs from ‘Voyage‘ were in the Top 200 of the daily charts along with previous singles ‘I still have faith in you’, ‘don’t shut up’ and “Just an idea” make a resurgence of daily flows.

All ten songs from ‘Voyage’ appeared in the Top 200 of Spotify daily charts in Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Netherlands, Sweden and Norway.

The album’s most widely released non-single is “When You Danced With Me,” peaking at # 70 on the Spotify Top 200 Global Daily chart and in 18 countries on Spotify.

“When You Danced With Me” peaked in the top 30 in Sweden (No. 1), Norway (No. 25), Finland (No. 30) and Switzerland (No. 23).

In Sweden, all songs from “Voyage” beat Adele’s “Easy On Me” to make the top 10 on the Swedish Spotify Top 200 Daily chart on November 5th.

‘Voyage’ is expected to make a solid chart debut.

In Australia ARIA revealed in midweek debut update that ABBA is configured to “do chart history”. The Swedish group is set to take first place in the ARIA album chart which, if achieved, will be the group’s No.1 debut album in 30 years. The group’s “ABBA Gold & More (Anniversary Edition)” compilation is expected to jump in the album charts and return to the top 50.

In the US, Billboard predicts a top 5 spot for “Travel” on the Billboard 200 with an expected spot at No.2. If ABBA makes the top 5 in the US, this will be their most successful album yet. day.

During ABBA’s career, four studio albums reached the top 20 on the Billboard 200 with ‘ABBA: The Album’ reaching No.14.

Daily Double Hit predicted that ‘Voyage’ would sell 75 to 85,000 copies in the United States, during the November 5-11 tracking period.

In the UK, “Voyage” should comfortably climb to number one on the album charts and give the group their 10th place.

ABBA has racked up five No.1 studio albums and four UK No.1 compilation albums. Their last studio album # 1 was “The Visitors” in 1981.

In the middle of the week, according to Billboard, ABBA’s new studio album is selling better than the rest of the UK Top 40 Albums chart combined. So far it has racked up over 118,000 unit sales, and at the end of the week it is the biggest sales of the first week of 2021. It is the best-selling physical version. and the biggest pure sales of the first week.

With strong physical and digital sales and online streaming, ‘Travel’ is expected to make a solid debut worldwide for ABBA. The group managed to please their die-hard fans while also exposing their music to a younger generation.


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