A new electric speedboat racing series is set to launch in 2023


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Star Wars’ The iconic X-wing fighters have only been submerged in the water a few times, most notably with Luke’s trusty sharp-nosed craft that splashed down in the swamps of Dagobah, then later hid under an alien ocean on the remote island of Ahch-To.

But can you imagine what a formation of colorful X-wing ships racing on top of the waves might look like? Well now you can with the recent unveiling of the new E1 Series electric foiling outboards destined for competition from 2023.

Formula E-style racing boats will make a splash in this crazy upcoming series featuring these futuristic, out-of-the-air “Racebird” hydrofoils facing each other while zooming 16 inches above the water’s surface.

E1 racing will feature an electrified version of the popular F1H20 powerboat racing series, and the sporting venture has already been endorsed by UIM, the international powerboat racing authority.

Designed by Seabird Technologies and Victory Marine, the “Racebird” hydrofoils will feature full carbon bodies with side wings that fold below to create the forward hydrofoils, and an extendable wing tail installed on the outboard motor to act as an aerodynamic rear foil.

The sci-fi-inspired watercraft measures 23 feet long and 9.8 feet wide, including the aluminum fenders. The outboards will tip the scales at around 1,764 pounds each and can reach speeds of up to 58 mph.

The first real prototypes of the E1 series will arrive later this year, with production scheduled for 2022. A dozen teams will compete in this new range of zero-emission races and the first competition is scheduled for early 2023 at various venues not have not yet been announced.

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