A mysterious bright-eyed sea creature chases a fisherman on a speedboat. Terrifying viral video


A hair-raising video that has surfaced on social media features a mysterious sea creature chasing a boat with a fisherman on board. The 45-second video that was filmed off Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil left everyone in shock, reports Daily Star.

In the now viral video, the unidentified sea creature can be seen repeatedly jumping out of the water and it appears to be trying to chase the speedboat with the fisherman on board. The terrifying moment appears to have been captured by the unidentified man on the boat. At one point he got quite close to the speedboat. The creature’s eyes can also be seen glowing in the dark. Since there was hardly any light, it was quite difficult to determine which creature it was. However, it was nothing like we have seen before.

The video was posted on Twitter and captioned in Portuguese, which translates to “A mysterious creature chased a boat yesterday in Rio Grande do Sul.”

Watch the video here:

The video has been viewed over 35,000 times and has 256 retweets.

The comments section is full of users trying to figure out which creature this is. While some said it was a dolphin, others think it was a harmless seal. The user who originally posted the video also shared a Twitter thread to find out what the mysterious creature was.

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