A giant hippo chases a speedboat in Kenya. The viral video has 1 million views


Dicken Muchena and his friends’ trip to Lake Victoria in Kenya, Africa turned into a nightmare when a giant hippo chased their boat. A video of the incident has gone wildly viral on social media.

A giant hippo chased a group of friends on a speedboat tour on Lake Victoria, Kenya.

Dicken Muchena jumped on a speedboat with his three friends and went to visit Lake Victoria in Kenya, Africa, hoping to spot some hippos. Although the group of friends spotted a few hippos in the lake, they had no idea what else the trip had in store for them. Their trip to the lake quickly turned into a nightmare when a hippo started chasing the group sitting on a speedboat. Video of the incident has gone wildly viral on social media. The viral video was captured by one of the friends who was on the speedboat. The video has 1 million views.

In the first video clip, you can see a group of hippos in the lake unfazed by the presence of the tour group on a speedboat. However, a hippo can be seen appearing just behind the speedboat which suddenly charges them.

Watch the video here:

Dicken Muchena shared the horrific experience with Yahoo in an interview. “We knew the area was a harbor for hippos, and we wanted to go out and try to take some pictures of them. Knowing full well that they are killer animals, we gave them a wide path and avoided getting too close. There were at least six hippos in this area, and many more on various other parts of the lake, however, as we were leaving, a huge, restless hippo appeared out of nowhere and charged at us, apparently with wild patterns. “. He added that none of them had expected such a reaction as it is a “rare thing”. being loaded for at least four minutes, we could no longer see the animal tracks and rushed to safety ashore. It was a narrow escape,” Dicken added.

The hippopotamus is the third largest type of land mammal. They can weigh between 1,300 and 1,500 kg. It is considered the deadliest land mammal in the world.

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