45-year-old Briton killed and her husband criticized after speedboat crash in front of horrified tourists at Turkish resort


A British woman has been killed and her husband left in critical condition after a speedboat crashed in front of horrified tourists at a Turkish resort.

Anna Capuano, 45, died when the small pleasure craft she was in collided with a fast moving sea taxi off Marmaris at around 1.30pm local time.


Speedboat accident in Turkish resort leaves one British dead and five others injured
The small pleasure craft had part of its hull torn apart by the force of the impact


The small pleasure craft had part of its hull torn apart by the force of the impact

Rescue teams rushed to the scene but found Anna beyond backup after the crash outside the five-star Elegance Hotel.

Anna’s partner was reportedly seriously injured but was ‘out of danger’ in an intensive care unit last night.

Four other people on board the sea taxi – the 22-year-old captain and three tourists – suffered less serious injuries and were taken to Ahu Hospital in the resort town.

Shocking images on local news sites last night showed the yellow and white death boat with a section of its hull ripped apart by the force of the impact.

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A coastguard source told The Sun: “They were traveling on a speedboat when they crashed into a water taxi heading to Turunc.

“The husband is in intensive care but will be fine.”

Emergency crews brought the woman’s body and the injured to a water sports pier before ambulances took them to hospital.

A prosecutor, the police and the coastguard have opened a manslaughter investigation.

A 44-year-old London woman on holiday in Marmaris told The Sun last night: ‘It was a horrendous accident and many people who saw it were walking around in shock.

“Some of the injured were in terrible condition and the deceased woman was brought ashore in a body bag – she clearly didn’t stand a chance.

“The sea was a bit chaotic with so many speedboats and para-sails roaring, but nobody expected it.

“There was a rumor that one of the drivers was not concentrating and was doing his hair when the accident happened – but the police cannot confirm this.”

Marmaris has become one of the most popular summer getaways for British tourists, luring golden beaches, guaranteed sunshine and cheap Turkish lira.


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