40mph Arc One electric speedboat hits the water


Electric boat startup Arc recently took the first Arc One, a pre-production electric outboard model, to Lake Arrowhead, California, for a day of testing. The reveal of the pre-production build signals that the company is getting closer to customer deliveries, which are slated for this summer.

This impressive boat with a massive battery and sleek design will have a top speed of around 40 mph (64 km/h). It has received a new, more powerful engine which is now capable of producing over 500hp of power which will allow the boat to accelerate faster and maintain high speeds for longer.

It can last about five hours under power before needing to be recharged. Credit: Arc

Total battery capacity will be 10% higher than previously disclosed – now 220kWh, or three times the capacity of a Tesla Model Y. This ensures the user will have enough juice for between three and five hours per charge without refill needed.

The Arc One’s sleek, lightweight aluminum hull shape evolves to deliver greater efficiency and sportier handling. It seats up to 12 people, is 24 feet long and 102 inches (8 feet 6 inches) in diameter. The electric outboard also has built-in smart technology and can perform over-the-air software updates, just like a Tesla.

Batteries designed exclusively for the Arc One provide tight control of your center of gravity and free up 60 cubic feet of additional storage space. In total, the boat will have 90 to 100 cubic feet of storage.

The Arc One will be a limited-edition luxury cruiser that will cost $300,000 and is expected to launch this summer. The Californian marine startup was launched last year by a team of ex-SpaceX engineers with a project to develop a luxury electric cruiser.


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