$ 14 million hybrid speedboat doubles as a submarine, for stealth military operations


Whether you call it a Diver Delivery Unit (DDU), a surface submersible, or a motorboat that is also part of a submarine, one thing is for sure: the Victa is a unique craft that can go anywhere. from a stealthy military asset to a sophisticated billionaire water toy.

Construction on this complex boat began in 2018, but Subsea Craft, the UK company that develops it, recently took a big step forward: Victa entered the water for the first time. Janes reported that the ship underwent its first tests last weekend, in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

What makes Victa revolutionary is that it combines the capabilities of a surface craft with those of a submarine, which essentially means it can move very quickly both on the surface of the boat. water and under it, as well as pass seamlessly from one medium to another. other. This is especially important for military operations, where divers must be inserted and extracted quickly and in secrecy.

With a length of 11.95 meters (39 feet), Victa has enough room for two crew members and six divers. A custom diesel engine with a 725 BHP (735 HP) can deliver an impressive speed of up to 40 knots, while the 20 kW the electric thrusters allow the machine to be “Fly”At 8 knots when submerged. The DDU also has a massive range of 250 nautical miles on the surface and a range of up to 4 hours underwater.

Along with her impressive speed and range, Victa has a dive transition time of just 120 seconds, going up to 30 meters (98.4 feet) underwater. Equipped with an advanced open-board air system that provides enough air for eight people, with a range of four hours, this stealth vessel is capable of conducting covert missions, delivering and recovering divers close to their area. operation.

The Victa prototype still has a long way to go. These first tests will be followed by surface water tests and underwater tests early next year. According to Portshmouth.fr, when completed, this pioneering surface submersible will cost as much as £ 10million ($ 13.8million).


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