12th MSC cruise ship restarts operations with cruises from Brazil


After being absent from the mainland for nearly two years, cruises have resumed from South America. MSC Preziosa leave the Brazilian port of Santos before the weekend for a 3 night trip.

MSC Cruises, which has traditionally had a strong presence in the region, plans to have several ships in operation on the continent and in Brazil in particular in the coming week. This includes one of the most modern ships in the world, MSC Seaside.

The cruise in South America is back!

Although cruises to Europe, Asia and North America have been sailing successfully for several months now, cruises to South America remained on hold until this weekend, due to the voluntary shutdown of the industry. due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

MSC Preziosa will offer guests several mini-cruises in Brazilian waters departing from Santos and Rio de Janeiro. Next month, she will be joined by MSC Seaside and MSC Splendida, which also starts its activities from Santos.

MSC Preziosa is already the twelfth MSC vessel to start passenger operations, with the majority of vessels sailing in Europe and the United States. The start of operations is much earlier than the cruise line announced earlier; the cruise line announced last month that it would resume in December.

The fact that the cruise line is already operating is linked to health protocols announced last week by Brazil’s National Health Surveillance Agency for cruise ships, providing a clear path for ships to operate.

Brazil implements strict health guidelines

MSC ships in Brazil will have to operate under strict measures. Each ship will have to perform a daily test of 10% of the passengers on board and 10% of the crew at random. This is in addition to the daily health check of the passengers.

Cruise ships in port
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Every week, all crew members will be tested for COVID-19; masks are mandatory for all guests and crew on board, at port facilities and related facilities.

While social distancing is not necessary for guests within the same travel groups, social distancing is necessary between outsiders. However, this is unlikely to be a significant issue, as ships are only allowed to sail with a maximum capacity of 75%.

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Five cruise ships start operations in Brazil this year

For the 2021/22 cruise season, MSC and Costa Cruises plan to deploy at least five cruise ships sailing along the Brazilian coast; This includes MSC Preziosa, MSC Seaside, and MSC Splendida by MSC Cruises, and Costa smeralda and Costa Fascinosa.

MSC cruise ship by the sea
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MSC Seaside will have its home port in Santos, near Sao Paolo, sailing to Ilha Grande, Salvador de Bahia, Maceio and Buzios, before returning to Santos. Guests will also have the chance to board the ship in Salvador and follow the same route from there. The first cruise will depart on December 4, 2021.

MSC Splendida will operate in Brazil from mid-December, offering customers 7-night cruises along the Brazilian coast from Sao Paolo, with stops at Ilhabela, Porto Belo, Balneário Camboriú and Cabo Frio.

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